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Visiting the beaches of San Diego

Discovering a Reconstructed San Diego and Why You Need to Visit

The very first time I learned of the city of San Diego, I was at a raucous party in Kansas City. I was only 18 years old at the time and was coming home from my first adventure out west. Two buddies and I had stuffed ourselves into an old Dodge Swinger (manual 3-speed on
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‘When You Are Old’ in Xichang, China

Written at the close of last year’s “Spring Festival”, the Year of the Rooster; and released today, celebrating the first day of this year’s Chinese New Year…. The Year of the Dog   “When you are old and gray and full of sleep And nodding by the fire, take down this book…..” – W.B. Yeats, Irish poet
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If You Really Want to be Enchanted

There is a feeling of beguilement that wells up in one’s heart when the name “New Mexico” is mentioned in conversation. There is a pulling at the five senses. It is as if all the art, cuisine, hot-air balloons, and Georgia O’Keefe rounded pink mountains are magnetizing you with their call. There is a sense
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Tripping Over Hong Kong

When planning a trip to Hong Kong, or as the native Chinese prefer to say…”HK”, one may be overwhelmed by all the delightful sights to see and all the dozens of things to do there. One may even find one self tripping over all the possibilities. For those of us who would prefer a more
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Five Favorite Cities for Last-Minute Spring Break Fun

Spring break is just around the corner! Those of you who haven’t made plans might start to feel regret as your friends jet off to their fabulous vacations — and document the journey on social media. Is it too late for you to save your last-minute spring break?
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Five Favorite Cities For Last-minute Spring Break Fun

Spring break is just around the corner. Or for some families, it’s already arrived. Those of you who haven’t made plans might be starting to feel regret as your friends jet off to their fabulous vacations — and document the journey on social media. Is it too late for you to save spring break? Believe
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The Biggest and Best Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Cinco De Mayo is an exciting and colorful celebration, though a bit of confusion surrounds the holiday. What exactly are we celebrating on May 5? Typically thought of as Mexican Independence Day, the holiday is actually a celebration of the Battle of Puebla, a battle that expelled France out of Mexico. In fact, Cinco De
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My Top 5 places to Take a Walk in the Park

Enjoy a day out with your family! This year, March 30th is “Take a walk in the Park” Day.  I figured this would be a great time to tell you about some of my favorite parks around the U.S. where you can take your family out for for a mini-vacation. NEW YORK CITY CENTRAL PARK
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5 Hot Spots Presidents Would Write Home About

It’s February and that means we will be celebrating Valentines day, Black History Month, and of course Presidents Day. This year presidents weekend falls on Monday the 17th. To make the most out of your presidents weekend we here at Family Travel have come up with 5 great destinations you won’t want to miss! SPRINGFIELD,
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Top 5 Locations to Connect to Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you’ve been thinking of taking the Family on a weekend get-a-way for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, then look no further. Family Travel has gathered it’s top 5 suggestions for celebrating the man behind the day. ATLANTA, GA Atlanta has been dubbed the “new south”. Home to the 1996 Olympics, Coca Cola, and Doctor
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What to Bring to Family Camp

Summer weather in Wisconsin is generally warm and comfortable (average around 80 degrees), but you have to be prepared…it is camping after all!  You can’t necessarily run home easily, though stores aren’t that far away if you really need to get something you can’t live without.  As for clothing, pack for warm and cool weather
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Relaxing in Santa Clara, California

I recently spoke at the Travel and Adventure Show in Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara sits in the heart of Silicon Valley and is home to many companies such as Intel, NVIDIA and Agilent Technologies. Bustling during the week with business people, Santa Clara hotels and restaurants are humming with activity. On the weekend, however, I found
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