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Value Archives - Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

5 Secrets to a Fun, Frugal Family Vacation

What’s the secret to ensuring you have an enjoyable, stress-free family vacation without going over budget? Don’t plan your next family vacation without these helpful tips!
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Family of five holding hands on the beach

3 Simple Ways You Can Afford a Fun Vacation with a Limited Budget

Looking for a way to travel on a budget? Check out our three tips for getting a bang for your buck when planning your next vacation!
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9 Vacation Activities Your Teens Will Love

Planning a family trip can be difficult, especially when considering activities for your teenagers. Teens are often caught in the middle while on vacation. They feel too old to play with the younger kids, but too young to do the more adult activities. If you’re ever short on ideas on how to make your vacation
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Grand Canyon National Park things to do

Grand Canyon National Park Things to Do

While the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the west, there is much more to do than hike! Check out a roundup of some of our favorite activities below, from train rides and Navajo cultural demonstrations to lake activities and more! Grand Canyon Railway The
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Five Favorite Cities for Last-Minute Spring Break Fun

Spring break is just around the corner! Those of you who haven’t made plans might start to feel regret as your friends jet off to their fabulous vacations — and document the journey on social media. Is it too late for you to save your last-minute spring break?
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Turn Your Tax Refund Into Family Memories

April showers bring May flowers. Or…April’s tax refund brings family fun! A (somewhat) unexpected check in the mail presents a great opportunity to quickly plan a vacation and surprise your family. Or if last-minute travel is not your thing, you can apply the extra cash to a bigger trip later in the year. Either way,
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