Family swimming in ocean in Tenerife

Tenerife is a Spanish Canary Island located off the coast of Africa. It boasts beautiful, black sand beaches, sunny 74-degree weather year-round, the tallest peak in Spain, the best water park in the world, sensational, fresh seafood, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and some of the most luxurious, family-friendly hotels. This volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean is a paradise perfect for families seeking adventure, cultural experiences and serenity all wrapped up in one unforgettable vacation. Here are the top ten reasons why you’ll never regret booking a trip to Tenerife.

1. Lounge on Black Sand Beaches

When you say “family vacation”, many immediately think of reclining on the beach while children wade in warm water. Bring that idea of Zen to an other- worldly level in Tenerife, where basalt, black sand shores are lapped by cool, azure waters. It feels mysterious, exotic and enlightening.

2. Put Your Head Above Clouds on Teide

Mount Teide is the third tallest mountain in the world. Take a cable car to the top
and watch the white, pillowy clouds drift below. Hear your heartbeat
thumping in your ears as you breathe in the beautiful view on the tallest peak
in Spain. Exploring Teide National Park tickles all the senses. Our children
loved climbing the red rocks akin to Mars at the base of the mountain. Tall,
crimson-flowered Teide bugloss plants were poignant reminders that we
were exploring a totally new landscape. Afterwards, enjoy a lavish lunch at a
parador inside the national park.

3. Make a Splash at the Best Water Park in World

Voted top water park in the world on TripAdvisor for many years in a row, the Thai-themed Siam Park is sure to induce giggles from all parties involved. With
thrilling, relaxing and family rides, no one will want your day at the water
park to end. With lush, tropical plants, a floating Thai market and even a
champagne club for adults, this water park is unlike any other I’ve ever
visited. Loro Park is a lavish zoo also owned by the same family.

4. Indulge in Fresh Seafood and Serene Meals

In Spain, they sure know how to savor their food. Meals are relaxed and satisfying. Sip wine, discus your day’s adventures and delight in every tasty morsel. Strolling to restaurants encircled by the Atlantic Ocean, listening to guitar
music softly strumming, and tasting fresh, exotic seafood are warm
memories that wash over me when I recall our trip to Tenerife.
Local cuisine features red and green mojo sauces (made with paprika and
coriander) and salty, wrinkled potatoes. La Caleta is home to some of the best
seafood restaurants, where you can watch the sun set on the rocky shores of
the scenic, oceanfront setting.

5. Gaze Up at Stars Glinting in Clear Night Skies

Tenerife is one of the best places in the world for stargazing. The clear night skies
and high vantage point from Mount Teide make for a memorable evening
activity of scanning the sky for stars and planets. In fact, you can see Jupiter
with no telescope at all, just the bare, naked eye. My son and I had a lovely
evening discussing astronomy with starlight guide Jose Antonio Paris of Star

6. Kayak and Swim by Gorgeous Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes means “cliffs of giants” and there’s no better way to take in these
natural wonders than by kayaking and swimming around them with tour
provider Teno Activo. The cheerful, friendly guides teach you how to
navigate the sparkling, blue waters with ease and encourage you to jump in
for a refreshing swim.

7. Soak Up the Ambiance of Truly Family-Friendly Hotels

On the sunny, south side of Tenerife lies one of the most fun-for-all family resorts I have ever had the pleasure of staying at. GF Hotel Victoria, Costa Adeje is a
vacation retreat with amenities every member of the family will cherish.
From tranquil pools to a huge surf simulator, kids’ climbing adventure park,
water slides, a family spa, kids’ clubs and free, family-friendly evening
entertainment, there are activities all will enjoy. There’s a super cool floating
pool at the adult rooftop bar (check out the optical illusion) as well as a glass-
enclosed playroom located next to the main restaurant so that the kids can
play while parents actually enjoy their meal.

On the north side of Tenerife, at the base of Mount Teide and near the city of Santa Cruz , sits prestigious Hotel Botanico, with its magnificently manicured
Oriental Spa Garden. The exquisite Thermal Circuit spa experience should
definitely not be missed, especially since it’s included with your stay. Our
children were floored when they found out they had their own room,
interconnected to ours. The staff at the restaurant treated us like family,
making sure our picky eater found something she was happy dining on.

8. Feel the Warmth of the Sun and the People

Traveling to sunshine is always a joy, but even more so when it includes meeting
friendly people and exploring interesting cultures. Tenerife’s average annual
temperature is 74 degrees, making it a pleasant escape any time of year. The
island features many microclimates, allowing you to partake in sunbathing,
desert trekking and rich, green mountain exploring, all within the same day if
you choose. The people enjoy life at a slower pace, are quick to smile and
easy to talk to (with most speaking English as well as Spanish). I highly
recommend traveling with a local guide. Ancor Robaina was our Tenerife
tour guide and by the end of the week, we were all very chummy.

9. Explore Europe’s Longest Lava Tunnel

Cueva del Viento is an interesting lava tube system that’s fun to put hardhats on and traverse. Passionate, informative guides make spelunking quite the
adventure. Learn about the creepy, crawly inhabitants of the caves and
become immersed in the history and volcanic environment.

10. Swim in Natural Lava Pools

I am enamored with the lava pools of Garachico. Located on the picturesque
edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this cute, cobblestone street village features
natural lava pools you can jump into and float your cares away. With the
ocean waters swirling and splashing your back, you can gaze out into the
endless blue and succumb to the wonder of the world.

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