Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour

Exciting Family Water Activities!

Our experience on the Swamp Tour was fantastic! We were surprised that the boat captain had a baby alligator on board for us to touch. The little reptiles stole everyone’s heart and we loved how children and adults got to interact with them. It was also really interesting to see locations along the tour where movies had been filmed. In fact, some parts of the film Django were filmed around this wetland and the automobile Kia used the area in one of there famous commercials.


Need a lift to Swamp Tour? Fear no more, there is a way to get there at no cost! Just call the main telephone number and asked to be picked up at one of the major hotels. If you’re not staying at a hotel, let them know where you’re staying so they can provide a location near you where you can be picked up. It’s that easy and convenient!

The Cool Zoo Waterpark- 6500 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118 At this animal-themed water park, the whole family will have a roaring time. Located within the Audubon Zoo, the Cool Zoo features water slides, a giant water dumping spider monkey, and water shooting snakes among many other things. No need to fry while the children are having fun in the sun; there are shaded areas and concession stands to grab a bite and recline.

Steamboat Natchez- 400 N. Peters St., Suite 203, New Orleans, LA 70130 -1037 Want to see New Orleans from a different perspective? If so, get on the Steamboat Natchez, which provides Jazz Dinner cruises. This experience is run year round and open to the public daily. The Louisiana hospitality you’ll participate in is traditional and will make you feel like you’re part of the family!

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