Some camping days will be dedicated to relaxing by the poolside, or sitting around the fire, but on days you want to leave the campground, you’ll find there’s plenty to do in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The Turkey Hill Experience is a great place to start. Here, you can create you own ice cream flavor in the Taste Lab. Start with a base ice cream and build from there as your ice cream instructor gives a little lesson on ice cream basics. From there, you can star with your new ice cream flavor, in your own Turkey Hill commercial. This truly unique experience is delicious fun for the whole family!

Photo Credit: Discover Lancaster

For a totally different experience, you can go to Make-a-Friend Workshop, and choose from a few different hands-on activities. First, you can make your own barn! They provide wooden pieces to choose from, nails, safety goggles, and the hammer to put it all together. If you don’t want a barn, you can make a friend! Choose you doll – boy or girl, dark haired or light haired – and then pick out clothes for your new friend to wear. Come here if you want a more Amish crafting experience!

Photo Credit: Strasburg Scooters

If you want to see the area in a short amount of time, check out Starsburg Scooters. They offer single seat scooters, double seat scooters, and the scoot coupe – a sporty scooter with two seats side-by-side, instead of back-to-back. An experienced guide will take you on a tour of your choice. A favorite is their covered bridge tour, where you’ll drive alongside Amish buggies, see the Amish schoolhouses and shops, and experience the beautiful views of Dutch country. Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license, closed-toed shoes, and some extra money in case you want to stop and shop! They provide a helmet and bottled water, so you know safety is always paramount. This is a great way to cover a lot of ground and see some beautiful sights! You can make a reservation at .

Helpful Tips and Facts:
Arrive 45 minutes before your scooter reservation for a safety orientation!
Lancaster County is known for their covered bridges, so the Covered Bridge tour is a popular attraction.
Turkey Hill has been making ice cream since 1954.

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