Urban Pirates


The Urban Pirates experience was our last shoot in Baltimore and it was so much fun!  The ship itself is owned and operated by a fellow parent-entrepreneur and you can tell that she put a lot of thought into the experience offered to guests onboard.  We had fun with the costumed staff who is theatrically trained in all things privateer!  The only thing we hadn’t prepared for was the water canons.  Water and camera equipment don’t mix!


It’s possible that you might get wet, so our additional tip to you is to not wear anything that you’re afraid might get damaged. That includes keeping an eye on your camera and phone too! There is a part of the adventure where you can shoot water cannons and spray down evil pirates. The event staff does a great job to make sure you and your family are dressed up like pirates and have a ball.


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

Duckpin bowling is really something the entire family can do because it is easy and fun for all ages!  The pins are smaller, the balls are heavier and you get three chances to roll a ball per frame.  There is a debate about where duckpin bowling got it’s start; some say Baltimore and others say Massachusetts.  Wherever it started, you can’t find it everywhere! So make sure you give it a try while in Baltimore.  Patterson’s began in 1927 and is one of the oldest duckpin bowling alleys in the area.  Open play hours are offered daily, but times are subject to change so you might want to call ahead.

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