Our RV camping trip takes us through Pennsylvania Dutch Country, providing endless views of lush farmland, forest, and rolling hills. Our first stop is Spring Gulch Campground in Lancaster County. The 115 acres of forest and campground make for a beautiful backdrop to your family vacation. As we backed into our reserved spot in our RV, we were ready to get unpacked and start exploring.

With nature trails, bike paths, a lake to swim in, and campground activities at our disposal, we don’t know where to begin! The campground offers tons of different things to occupy your time when you’re not sitting around the campfire or hiking a trail, from arts and crafts and sports for the kids, to a spa for the parents.

We were able to tie dye our own souvenir shirts and grab a refreshing ice cream during our stay, and that was only scratching the surface of the fun activities available for all registered campers. To book your spot at Spring Gultch, go to http://www.springgulch.com/contactus.cfm#reservations and get your family camping trip started!

Photo Credit: Thousand Trails

Next, we hopped in our RV and headed about one hundred miles west, to Gettysburg Farm and RV Campground. Apart from providing a typical camping experience, this campground also has a genuine farm on site, complete with a petting zoo of barnyard animals you can feed and a hayride around the farm.

Most campers come here for the full farming experience, looking to learn about the planting and harvesting of the farm’s crops. We got a glimpse of the farm lifestyle when we got to feed the calf and goats in the petting zoo. Though there’s enough to be learned from the farm work, the Gettysburg Farm and RV Campground is also rooted in history, as it’s only a few miles from the historic Gettysburg battlefields of the American Civil War. To book your stay at the Gettysburg Farm and RV Campground, go to https://www.thousandtrails.com/pennsylvania/gettysburg-farm-rv-campground/ to make your camping trip a learning experience for the whole family.

Photo Credit: Thousand Trails

Our final leg of our journey takes us just outside the sweetest place on Earth, Hershey. The Hershey RV and Camping Resort is located only six miles away from Hershey’s Chocolate world. This site offers countless activities and amenities to keep your family entertained throughout your stay.

We tried our hand at pickleball – a sport that combines tennis and ping pong to make a fun summer activity for the whole family to take part in. We love some good competition on the pickleball court, but this is only one of the things you and your family can do on your trip. The campground has games, mini-golf, and a pool if you ever tire of sitting around the fire.

If you can’t pass up a good camping cliche, this is the perfect place to indulge. We decided to make the most classic campground dessert – s’mores! – around the fire. Even though we forgot the marshmallows at home, we were able to pick some up at the Country Store, located right on the campground. And don’t forget about Chocolate World just miles from camp, where you’ll have no trouble finding many s’mores worth of delicious chocolate. So if you’re staying for a few days or a few weeks, your family can relax with nature or visit Hershey on a camping trip you’ll never forget! To make your reservation go to https://www.thousandtrails.com/pennsylvania/hershey-rv-camping-resort/.

Helpful Tips and Facts:
Look for an RV agency that will provide you with RV handling tips or take you on an orientation drive.
Make sure to ask for a pull-through spot, so you won’t have to back up in your RV.
Some campgrounds have laundry facilities, so make sure to check the website before deciding what to pack!

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