Family Travel on a Caribbean Cruise






Set sail with Colleen Kelly on a family friendly cruise to the Caribbean.  Colleen is joined by her extended family on this floating holiday as they discover what cruising has to offer to every generation of traveller.  They will talk with crew members and learn about the vessel itself and what it takes to make a big ship ready every day for its guests.  The family will also highlight family friendly activities including sports and leisure events to suit a variety of interests.  

Food is an activity in itself on a cruise!  Colleen and her family will learn about the on board prep work it takes to feed all of the passengers at once.  Of course sampling will be involved as they try kid friendly and palate tempting foods.  They will also stop off at a port of call and try an excursion. The kids love the water activities!  Back on board, the whole family will celebrate their time together with a festive evening complete with dancing. Bon Voyage!