I am a huge fan of massages.  Can we say deep tissue?  Yes, please and for at least an hour! My job is fun, but it takes a toll on my body working 12 – 14 hour days for a week at a time.  When my producer told me that I could get a little break on the trip, I took advantage and booked myself a massage.  There were many choices, but I went for something I had never tried before, a bamboo massage.  The massage therapist used warm sticks of bamboo to help roll out some of my knots.  It was great, but I have to admit that I could have stayed there for another hour or so to get the rest of the kinks out!  Maybe next time I will try the acupuncture.


My Tip For Kids: The spa is a place for the adults on board to get away from it all.  And though guests under 12 are not permitted in the spa and fitness center, older kids can be accompanied by adults.  A spa treatment, such as a manicure, is a pretty special treat no matter what age! If you are celebrating being together, perhaps a trip to the spa with your mom, grandma and aunts would be the cherry on top!

My Tip For Parents: Let’s talk about what serenity means to you.  The dictionary defines serenity as the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.  That being said, in order to achieve serenity, you might need a little “me time” away from the kids.  The Serenity area on the Breeze is for adults 21 and older and has a bar area if you want to relax with a cocktail in hand.  Why not indulge a little? The area is set up with cozy, private cabanas that provide an oasis from the other passengers.  You can enjoy the calm music that plays while swinging in a hammock or relaxing in one of the whirlpools.  Ahhh, just feel the tension melt away…

My Tip For Grandparents: If you’re willing to pay a little extra for some premium service, take a look at booking a spa stateroom or suite. Booking these stateroom will get you some extra items in your room, such as complimentary fitness classes, priority reservations for the spa, bathrobes, and extra bathroom products! Only 2 people will get these extra products; anyone else staying with you will have to pay extra for the same amenities. Also, if you book a spa suite, you can get unlimited access to the Thalassotherapy Pool aboard the Carnival Breeze! This pool generates waves so you will feel water washing over you while having a little quiet time for yourself!

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