The WaterWorks was by far our favorite place to spend time on the ship.  We all (including the film crew!)  took turns going down the slides with our hand held cameras and we got some pretty funny footage!  I think the girls and I went down the yellow twister slide about a hundred times. My kids LOVE swimming so we also spent a lot of time in the pool.  We enjoyed meeting other families and we even watched a movie from the pool which was something we had never done before. It gave pool party a whole new meaning!


My Tip For Kids: The very first thing we did after we got on board was to change into our suits and jump into the pool! We didn’t realize that the pools are filled with salt water.  So a good tip is to wear swim goggles to cover up those baby blues or browns. I also recommend packing an extra bathing suit so when one is wet, you have a dry one handy and ready to go for the next plunge.

My Tip For Parents: Hey adults! Don’t think that the pool is meant just for kids. You can take a load off and relax poolside, but consider jumping right in with your children and having some fun! There are towels available at the pool area so you don’t need to bring any towels with you from your room, but I always like to bring a bag with me to hold sunscreen, a magazine and some snacks for the kids.

Additional Tip for Little Ones: The little guys need to be potty trained to be in the pool – no diapers or swim diapers are permitted for health code reasons.

My Tip For Grandparents: The whirlpools are incredibly relaxing and  available during both the day and the evening.  There are a couple of whirlpools on the Serenity deck which is for people 21 and older, however I found that the whirlpools on the side decks of the ship were not very crowded and quite enjoyable. Remember to grab a towel for yourself so you can dry off at the end of your soak.

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