We took full advantage of the SportsSquare as an entire family.  The outdoor activity area offered miniature golf, foosball tables, ping pong and a giant chess set.  We had fun learning how to play chess with Uncle Dick.  Aunt Pat enjoyed getting not one, but two holes in one on the mini golf course…she gets bragging rights for quite a while!


My Tip For Kids: The SkyCourse is a particularly popular attraction where children and adults can practice their balancing skills high above on planks and ropes that are suspended in the air! You need to wear close toed shoes to participate in this activity and may have to wait in line a bit for your turn because it is an attraction most people want to try.  From time to time, the high winds may temporarily delay you from getting on the SkyCourse. If this happens, the instructors will give you a pass to receive priority access in line when the course reopens. This way, you can go enjoy another activity while you wait for the winds to settle.

My Tip For Parents: For many people, fitness is a way of life and passengers don’t have to sacrifice any of their workout routines while on board the cruise. The fitness area has machines, free weights and basic classes such as stretching offered, but guests can also sign up for other classes like spinning, yoga and pilates for a small additional fee.  For basketball lovers, there is a full court and players can participate in both organized and pick up games. Runners and walkers can use the outdoor track…seven laps equals one mile.

My Tip For Grandparents: Take the vacation at your own pace and enjoy the cruise on your terms!  You might even want to set the record straight before you set sail so everyone is on the same page.  Take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with your family and make new memories with them.  Perhaps you can take a stroll around the fitness track and catch up while getting in a little exercise. The best part of a cruise vacation is that you get to be with the whole family, but also enjoy your vacation “your” way!

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