For our job, it is important that we keep connected.  We had a WIFI package that we used to post our social media content and check emails.  Before we left Miami, we were concerned that we would use a ton of minutes and rack up a huge bill.  However, we were able to organize our content in such a way that we didn’t end up being on-line very much at all.  The reality was that we all unplugged and it was wonderful!


My Tip For Kids: Many children are used to playing on their gadgets and watching TV to keep entertained.  Well, the cruise is a perfect opportunity to break those habits because there is so much to do on board to keep the kids entertained. For older kids who have phones, explain what roaming fees are and how to avoid them at sea.  Determine a strategy to get in touch with each other throughout the day and evening if you are giving tweens and teens freedom to explore the ship on their own with their new friends. Some people use walkie-talkies to communicate with each other while on board. These are also available for rent on board.

My Tip For Parents: There is an internet cafe on board if you need to check emails or want to log onto your social media pages to post pictures from your trip.  There are also small terminals called FunHubs scattered throughout the ship where you can hop on-line to surf the web. The Fun Hub also lists ship activities, meal times and other information for free. You can use your Sail & Sign card to pay for the internet usage and packages are offered as well.   My Tip For Grandparents: There are many tips on the Carnival Cruise Lines website ( that may improve your experience using the internet while on board the ship. Take the time to read through the suggestions before embarking on your cruise. For example, using mobile websites and experimenting with different browsers are just a couple of tips that are offered to increase your internet speed. In general, satellite service is not as fast as on-land connections, so you may need to be patient with the internet speed at sea. However, it is nice to know that you can connect with family and friends at home.

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