The week at Family Camp Brosius was one of the best vacations I have ever had because it was just…easy! My husband and I enjoyed hanging out together while the kids were having fun with the counselors. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find time without the kids unless we plan a date night. So it was a treat for my husband Greg and I to spend some time together. We tried archery, entered a bean bag toss competition and also took sailing lessons. We didn’t bring our computers with us so we had the time to just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and talk. It reminded me of a time before we had kids!

We also enjoyed meeting other couples and getting to know them as well. The adult dinner was a nice opportunity to learn about their connection to the camp and chat over a glass of wine. Speaking of wine, it was also fun to go on the field trip to the winery as well as to the Cheese Factory. You can’t go wrong with wine and cheese and making new friends is possible for everyone at camp no matter what your age.

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