Family Travel in Florida Keys






The Florida Keys is known for many things, but did you know camping is one of them? Let Colleen and her daughters take you on a camping trip unlike any you’ve ever been on before, as they visit two beautiful campsites; Fiesta Key and Sunshine Key. At Fiesta, you can rent a state-of-the-art cottage or RV, or if you’d rather get a bit more rustic, pitch your own tent and enjoy the gorgeous scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico. Campers can enjoy more traditional activities such as swimming in the ocean or hiking through Long Key State Park, or they can take advantage of some of the unique local activities, like visiting the Dolphin Research Center, snorkeling, getting a taste of Keys’ cuisine and culture at the ice cream social, or checking out Bud ‘N’ Mary’s famous fishing marina.

At Sunshine Key, Colleen and her family will show you all the fun of Fiesta, plus more! Located near Big Pine, visitors of Sunshine Key can enjoy the luxury of an RV resort, along with the natural and social activities of camping. With the gorgeous marina just nearby, there’s plenty to do! Go for a swim, or try out fishing or kayaking as a way to soak up all the beautiful scenery the campsite has to offer. Sunshine Key is also efficiently located to a convenience store where guests can buy their favorite foods, or try something new!