Family Travel in Frankenmuth






Frankenmuth is a quaint little town that has fully embraced its Bavarian roots.  Families can discover a variety of activities packed into a convenient area that is easy to navigate with children.  Colleen Kelly, her children and niece kick off their vacation with a visit to Bronner’s, where the holidays are celebrated all year round!  Then they climb aboard the Funship for a chocolate tasting while learning about the history of Frankenmuth.  The sweets didn’t end there!  The girls enjoy a cake decorating class, which is part of a camp that is offered to locals and visitors alike, at Zehnder’s Bakery.

Colleen joins a grandmother and her grandchildren at the Frankenmuth Historical Museum where they get to try their hand at churning butter.  A visit to Frankenmuth is not complete without a stop at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant to see first hand how to make the traditional chicken dinner that Frankenmuth is known for.  The girls even get a lesson in pretzel making, an opportunity all visitors of Frankenmuth can enjoy for a modest fee.  The vacation is topped off with an exciting zipline through the treetops at the Adventure Park….stay tuned, there is a blindfold involved in the activity to add some extra thrill for Colleen and the kids!