Windmill Island Gardens


Have you ever met a miller?  Have you ever met the most inspirational and amazing female miller in the entire United States?  Well you can if you go to Windmill Island Gardens because the miller there, Alisa Crawford, is the only Dutch certified miller in the Americas and she is, well, awesome.  Alisa’s passion comes through in her teaching about the windmill and how it works.  She has a gift of explaining the process simply, but never talked down to my girls.  Instead, she was magnificently inspiring, telling the girls that they could become anything they want to be.  Our visit to Windmill Island turned out to be not just a lesson in the process of grinding flour, but how women can be successful.


Be sure to take a moment and relax near one of the 36 acres of canals, the dikes, or the gardens. All of the grounds are expertly maintained and manicured, so everyone can get an amazing view of the grounds.  And after you have chilled out for a bit and have your energy back, tackle one of the fun old fashioned Dutch style games that are available on the lawn.  You can try to roll hoops with sticks or support one another by walking as a team in wooden shoes attached to skis!  It might look easy, but it takes effort to get your balance!


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

Establishing a permanent residence in 1997, the Holland Area Arts Council features wonderful exhibits of all kinds of unique and eclectic art works. The Arts Council frequently hosts Art competitions, showcasing new, up-and-coming work from emerging artists! The Council also has classes that are open to Adults and kids alike! Come get cultured, and learn a thing or two!

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