Ambrose T-Shirts


Ambrose has a cool vibe going with its eclectic atmosphere and laid back owners.  We were welcomed into their amazing T-Shirt design shop to create our very own souvenirs.  After selecting T-Shirt colors and Holland themed designs, we all got a lesson in how to silk screen.  The kids joining us for the adventure were about the same ages as my girls (8-11) and they did a fantastic job creating their shirts.  It is so cool to actually do the process ourselves and we were surprised by how fast we were able to accomplish it!  They were kind enough to let our crew try it as well and they were walking billboards for Ambrose for the rest the trip!


Get you and your family into a workshop and have them make their own t-shirts! Make something unique for the family that you can all wear as a memento of your vacation! These shirts are screen-printed and then dried in a special oven, so that your custom made shirts can last for a very long time!


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

The Seasoned Home is a must-visit for families looking to make their homes (and their dinners) even more wonderful. With a friendly and informative staff, as well as a lot of interesting kitchen items (Including Gurgle Pots!) there’s something for the whole family to check out. Moms will especially love all of the different kinds of spices and teas that The Seasoned Home has to offer.

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