Holland Peanut Store


Just picture every kind of candy that you can imagine all in one spot.  And when I am talking candy, I mean candy that your grandpa used to give you when you were little as well as the favorites that your kids love nowadays.  Now, add in the smell of delicious roasted peanuts and what have you got?  The Fabiano family’s Holland Peanut Store!  The store has been family run for over 100 years and is now in its fifth generation.  Do not leave the store without trying the Nutty Paddle Pop, a chocolate covered banana that is then completely covered in crunchy roasted peanuts…yum!


Though the shop has all of the classic candies, some of the real gems are the ones that are hand made at the shop.  These candies are behind a special counter and you pay for them by the pound.  You can also buy the roasted peanuts by the pound so don’t leave the store without a few treats!  Oh, and the wall decorations are fun – college banners from all over!  They take donations, so if you don’t see your alma mater represented, bring it on over!


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

SandCastle for Kids is a specialty toy shop in downtown Holland and it is a kid’s dream store.  If your children are like mine and love to play with toys, puzzles and games, this store will be right up your alley!  They do offer some educational toys too as well as Legos and dolls.  And if you have little ones who like Playmobil, SandCastle for Kids is one of the largest retailers in the state of Michigan.

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