Rockfleet Castle


Rockfleet Castle is an historic site in Western Ireland best known for its connection to to Grace O’Malley, the famous pirate queen.  While we were at Rockfleet Castle, we were thrilled that we could arrange for some of the actors from the Grace O’Malley reenactment show to join us! We filmed right at the foot of the bank, which was the ideal place for the actors to give us a small sample of their performance. The story of Grace O’Malley is presented on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 9 p.m. at the Westport Hotel. Though a late start for little ones, the show is the perfect way to introduce your children to the story of the infamous pirate queen!

We were honored to have a crew from MayoTV interview us during our visit.  They were instrumental in getting the performers to Rockfleet to help us with our shoot. Click the link to see the MayoTV interview: http://mayotv.vzaar.me/1111209



Pack some food and enjoy your family’s company along the banks of Rockfleet Castle! How often can you say you had a sandwich while sitting next to a castle?  Though it was unfortunately a little chilly, we still had a lot of fun! Despite the weather it was the perfect way to end our experience at this beautiful, historical place and it was a great photo opportunity.


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

Ashford Castle
Cong, Co. Mayo

Now if you want to feel like Harry Potter or perhaps like a princess, Ashford Castle is THE place to stay during your visit to Ireland.  This unbelievable castle has so much for the whole family including a falconry class, horseback riding, archery and even fly fishing.  There is family friendly dining available onsite and our family took a break and enjoyed tea time in the castle lounge area.  What an experience!  The castle itself is a compilation of different periods of architecture starting in the 1200’s.  The grounds are extensive and the perfect place to look for fairies and maybe even a leprechaun or two!  Ashford Castle is located in the town of Cong, made famous by the John Wayne film, The Quiet Man.  Before your visit to Cong, you might enjoy watching the movie. Check out the trailer at the following link:  http://nyti.ms/1du2X1R

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