Perrys Beach Cafe & Rentals


One of the best parts of doing this show is that I get to invite my friends and family to be part of the experiences.  I don’t get the opportunity to see my cousins very often (I have a LOT of cousins!) and it was so much fun to include my cousin Liz and her kids in the bike segment.  They did a great job on camera and were troopers for biking several hours to shoot the segment for the show…they had to be sore the next day!


Perry’s also rents a variety of other equipment including rollerblades, surfboards and paddle boards.  They also carry beach items such as beach chairs, umbrellas, mats and even volleyballs.  And get this, they even have a beach butler who will set up all of your gear for you.  You can even have the butler bring you lunch if you really want to feel like a star!


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

Santa Monica Pier is a great place to take your family if your clan likes relaxing by the ocean. Visit Pacific Park and ride the famous Ferris wheel and roller-coaster sitting atop the pier. Your little ones will also love the amusement park’s other thrilling rides, numerous games and tasty food. Educational attractions also reside at Santa Monica Pier as visitors can experience the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

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