Universal Studios Hollywood


It was hard to keep the crew focused at Universal Studios because the behind the scenes access for a group of industry people is like putting kids in a candy store and letting them go crazy. The sound stage, props department, sets…it was very impressive.  I think we all put it on our birthday lists to go back someday to check it out on our own time.


Enhance your experience and get the “Front of Line Pass” or “VIP Experience”. Universal is very popular and lines for each attraction can be a challenge for kids who just can’t wait! Don’t allow your family to miss out on the Transformers or Simpsons Ride! We know it’s a bit more expensive, but we found it saved us waiting an extra 10-15 min to ride our favorite rides. In fact, you might be able to ride your favorite ride twice, in the same time it takes a regular admittance to ride once!


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

A variety of tours are available for a behind the scenes look at the Warner Bros. Studios.  As a working facility, you may catch the glimpse of a celebrity!  Though there are no guarantees, you will want to bring along a camera.  Sorry, no video cameras allowed…only still shots.  There are some age restrictions for the tours as well as a requirement to bring a government issued photo ID or passport.  The tours tend to fill up so it is recommended that you purchase tickets in advance on-line. The tour is offered in rain or shine, but the facility is closed on Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas.

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