The Grove


The Grove is a beautiful outdoor shopping area with so many boutiques it can make your head spin!  Just before arriving at The Grove for the shoot, we found out that the family meant to join us had a sick child.  What do you do? Say a quick prayer and turn to Facebook to find someone who could help…and fast!  Well, one of my high school friend’s from Texas saw my plea, called his sister who lived nearby and voila…she saved the day!  Thanks, Jenn Wilson for coming to my rescue!



I love to shop, but my kids sometimes are done before I am so I love that The Grove has more to offer the whole family.  Trolley ride?  Yes!  Movie theatre? Yes that’s there too! So if little legs are getting too much of a work out, enjoy the trolley ride that runs from The Grove to the Original Farmers Market and back again.  Once your family is done shopping, relax and enjoy the latest cinematic releases. Buy some popcorn, grab a seat and enjoy a good show!


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

There’s over 150 stores in The Santee Alley including modern clothing styles, apparel for everyone in the family, accessories, shoes and kids’ toys.  This unique shopping center is really in an alley!  It is located in the fashion district and is open every day of the year from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. You and your family will be sure to enjoy the festival atmosphere and outstanding bargains.

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