We wanted to learn a little bit about Frankenmuth’s German pioneer heritage during our stay, so we took a trip down to the Frankenmuth Historical Association Museum, to get an idea of how settlers lived back when the town was founded. There, we got a lesson in how to make your own butter, from milking the cow to spreading it on your toast.

Before you could run to the store and buy a stick of butter pre-made, people had to make their own butter at home, and that started with milking a cow. After waiting half a day for the fat in the milk – otherwise known as cream – to float to the top, the real work begins.

Using a churn, you whip the cream until it thickens, which can take from ten minutes to an hour depending on the temperature of the room you’re churning in. This thickened cream is freshly made butter, and you can really taste the difference between old fashioned butter like this, and butter you buy at the store nowadays.

This was a fun, hands-on activity that not only produced a delicious product, but helped us all learn more about the daily life of settlers back in olden days.

Helpful Tips and Facts:
Want to try this at home? You can, and it’s so simple! All you need is some heavy cream, or whipping cream and a mason jar. Pour the cream into the jar, shake for ten minutes or until it thickens, and you’re done!
Homemade butter is great just on bread, but use it in your favorite cookie recipe for richer, all-natural cookies!

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