Family Travel in Monterey, CA








The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must see attraction in Monterey County and leads the way for this episode’s family vacation along the California coast, just south of San Francisco. Colleen Kelly takes us on a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium to learn more about otters and jellyfish. To get your fill of marine life outdoors a whale watching tour is sure to please. Whale watching is very popular in this part of California especially when the whales migrate north from Baja, Mexico.  If you want to feel like a sea creature yourself, take a surfing lesson.  Everyone in the family can learn how to pop up on the board and ride the waves.  

Social Media sites lead Colleen to a favorite local spot, Dennis the Menace Park. It’s a great place to allow your little ones to run around to their heart’s content. Hungry? Monterey County is also known as the artichoke capital of the world!  Join us on an agricultural tour at Pezzini Farms where we sample steamed and fried artichoke.  She also joins family friends at Fisherman’s Wharf where Colleen and a local family sample Monterey clam chowder. Finish off the family vacation with a relaxing horseback ride on the beach.