Saute Moutons (Jet Boat Tour)


If you like the thrill of a jet boat and are comfortable getting soaked to the bone, then this tour is for you!  It was a really fun tour, but it was educational too.  We learned quite a bit about the area’s history, culture and architecture. The teenagers on the boat actually brought shampoo with them for the ride.  By the end of the tour, they were fully washed and rinsed!  It was a blast and one of the highlights for the kids during the trip.


If your kids don’t like to get doused in the shower, or if they avoid going under the big bucket at a waterpark, you might want to save this adventure for another time! We weren’t quite prepared for the ride and at first my girls were a little scared by the waves that crashed against the boat. In the end, they loved it though!

Bonus Tip: We wore bathing suits under the zip up suits that were provided and we were all very happy that we had dry clothing waiting in the locker for us.  We were happily surprised that hot chocolate was waiting for us upon our


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

If you are travelling with older kids, you might want to try a moped tour!  People over 18 can get a completely unique way to see Montreal and no license is required.  Guided tours take you off the beaten path and even include visits to local food shops for tastings.  A totally different way to explore a city!

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