Frankenmuth is full of distinct German-style architecture, cute shops, and plenty of riverfront restaurants, and we didn’t want to miss a single minute of it. That’s why we decided to stay at the Bavarian Inn, as it has a little bit of everything that is Frankenmuth. With an indoor waterpark, pool, and minigolf, the Bavarian inn guarantees your vacation will never have a dull moment.

Also included in our stay was a unique cooking class with a little added history lesson. The Bavarian Inn hosts a daily pretzel rolling class, where we each got to roll out the dough and twist our own soft pretzels. But this class isn’t just about making the pretzel – we also got a mini lesson in the origin and history of the pretzel. Many, many years ago a monk used pretzels to help children learn their prayers, giving the pretzel to them as a reward for good work. Once we had rolled out pretzels and waited thirty minutes for them to cook, we were rewarded with our own delicious pretzels, still warm from the oven. If soft pretzels aren’t your cup of tea, The Bavarian Inn has plenty more to offer, with a class to learn to make the inn’s famous strudel, and a how-to on making your own chocolate cluster!

We wanted to know more about the Bavarian Inn, so we talked to Dorothy, the matriarch of this family business. She put us to work in the kitchen, where we got a behind-the-scenes look at how they cook cabbage. Dorothy herself stirred the vat of cabbage with a huge paddle, making sure the white cabbage was evenly cooked and dyed, so that after twenty-five minutes we would have a batch of tender, purple colored cabbage.

With our stay at the Bavarian Inn coming to an end, we still had one cooking class left in us. This time we were making Cheeseburger Cakes. Fortunately for us, this is not a cake that actually tastes like a cheeseburger, but cookies and brownies frosted specifically to make them look like a cheeseburger! This class is a part of the Kids Camps the Inn offers where, depending on the month, you can sign your kids up for a three or one day camp experience at the Inn. The girls had a blast frosting each layer of their “cheeseburgers” from the lettuce to the cheese to the tomato, but their favorite part was definitely when they got to eat their creations.

The Bavarian Inn really has something for everyone to enjoy, so if you and the family are planning a trip to Frankenmuth, you can book your stay at the inn here, and start looking forward to your pretzels and pool time.

Helpful Tips and Facts:
The pretzel rolling starts at 2:30pm every day, but if you’re interested, you have to give the inn two hour’s notice, so they can prepare the right amount of dough.
The Bavarian Inn’s Kid’s Camp is available for children ages 9-12, and includes tons of fun activities with culinary twists, like the Cheeseburger Cakes!

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