Family Travel in Panama City Beach






Panama City Beach is a wonderful family-friendly destination along the Florida panhandle, offering year-round activities for all ages.  Colleen Kelly and her children kick off their visit exploring the white sands of Shell Island followed by a snorkeling excursion during which they have an encounter with starfish.  They time their vacation during the annual Pirates of the High Seas Festival, complete with parades and plenty of kids’ games and activities.  Visitors to Panama City Beach can also discover booty by geocaching at St. Andrew’s State Park.  Geocaching is an interactive scavenger hunt for kids to use GPS coordinates to find hidden objects…a fun activity for the whole family!

Colleen’s family has some fun on a deep sea fishing boat and Colleen’s daughters catch fish on their first try!  Their catch is brought to Captain Anderson’s Marina where it is prepared exactly to their tastes.  They cap off their visit with a helicopter tour, reminiscing over all of their wonderful vacation activities in Panama City Beach.