Family Travel in Quebec City






Grab your boots and winter coats– Colleen and her family are headed to Quebec City, Canada! Though you might only think of carnivals as a summer treat, it’s time to think again. In this episode, the family gets to explore Quebec City’s unique Winter Carnivale, where they snow-raft, taste some delicious wintery treats, ride the Ferris wheel, and check out some of the incredible ice sculptures.

As if the Carnivale isn’t enough, Colleen and her family also go dog-sledding, skiing, and visit a true winter marvel – the famous Ice Hotel! This is so much more than any igloo you can imagine. From the walls to the floors, and even to the beds, this hotel is made completely of ice. It’s built every year by an amazing team of sculptors, and is one of Quebec City’s biggest winter attractions. With the hot beverages and heated sleeping bags, guests are sure to keep warm in this winter paradise!

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