Colleen and the crew had the greatest pleasure meeting and hanging out with the Royals at Sunshine Key RV Resort. The family of 8 — two dogs included — have an adventurous life of traveling the country in their RV.

After living the typical family life, Craig and Bryanna decided they wanted something more in order to bring their family closer. They sold all their stuff, including their big house with a swimming pool, and moved into an RV. The family is now able to learn about each other inside and out. This bonding is what they treasure most about this experience.

Radical Unschooling is the Royals form of schooling, which does not include formal education throughout the day. The belief behind this type of schooling is that every person has an instinct need and desire to learn. This allows them to build strong bonds with each other, expose the kids to as many opportunities as they can, and let the kids become the people they’re meant to be. The Royals also run a blog, Crazy Family Adventure, that showcases their experiences while on the road!

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