Family Travel in Wyoming









Since 1897, Cheyenne has celebrated its Old West roots with a festival known as Frontier Days.  Colleen Kelly will take us to a rodeo, the cornerstone of this celebration, an old west town called “Wild Horse Gulch”, and to the Native American Village.  Lasting a week long, Frontier Days could easily fill up your entire family vacation, Colleen however, leads us on a journey visiting other attractions in Cheyenne as well as excursions to nearby Vedauwoo for hiking and Laramie for the Legends of Laramie Tour.

Wyoming is one of the few remaining areas of the United States where you can get a personal view of the true American West. Nowhere else could you look bison right in the eye and feel so connected to nature!  She joins a family on an ATV tour to see  the beautiful sites on an untraditional mode of transportation.  Her vacation ends with a stay at the Vee Bar Guest Ranch where she and the girls horseback ride and enjoy meeting other families over group meals and campfire activities.