Medicine Bow National Forest


My girls love being outside and we had a great time hiking through Medicine Bow National Forest in Vedauwoo.  We had a tour guide from Albany Lodge show us the way along the trail that led to the beaver dams.  We tried our best at scrambling up the rocks and checking out the sites from the top of the rock formations.  Speaking of the rock formations, they were so unique in that area.  I had never seen anything quite like it and the views were outstanding.  I love hiking with my family while on vacation because it gives us an opportunity to get to know the area first hand.  We learn about the terrain, the landscape and have fun while we are doing it!


The Vedauwoo Campground & Recreational Area needs to be on your family’s to do list. Imagine everyone you love surrounding a campfire with stars high up above. You tell the kids stories, your significant other sips hot chocolate and everyone is happily indulging in nature. Campgrounds are open May 15 through November 1, allow RVs and has an area for tent camping. Trust me, get outside and enjoy Wyoming!


We did a lot of research for the show! Though we couldn’t visit every destination, we did want to show you what else we found.

Thunder Basin National Grassland is located in northeastern Wyoming and, together with the Medicine Bow National Forest, makes up about 3 million acres of land from the northeast border of Wyoming to just north of the I-70 corridor of Colorado.  The area is perfect for hiking, fishing and camping, though there aren’t any formal camping areas designated.  Camping is permitted, but you have to be careful that you are not on private property!  There are no fees for using the public lands and it is open year round, however if you plan to go fishing or hunting, you will need a license.

 Following is a list of camping information from the area sourced from the U.S. National Forest Campground Guide.


NameGPS CoordinatesComments
Forest Rt. 942CN43 27.016,
W105 12.114
Elev. 4700′
Camp at end of road; good views; remote/solitude; no shade; best suited for small, high clearance vehicle, e.g. slide-in
Gibson DrawN43 28.833,
W105 13.166
Elev. 4500′
Shade from Cottonwoods; large parking area; open range for cattle; Prairie dog town; best suited for small, high clearance vehicle, e.g. slide-in
Kellog Reservoir – protected wildlife habitatN44 03.174,
W104 27.402
Elev. 4300′
Fenced 5 to 7-acre lake (no fishing); some shade; wildlife viewing; small RVs and tents
Kellog Reservoir – in the pinesN44 03.049,
W104 27.513
Elev. 4300′
Shade from Ponderosa pine; on hilltop half mile from Kellog Resv.; tent and medium size RVs
Little Powder ReservoirN44 38.850,
W105 19.583
Elev. 3700′
Reservoir is about 5 acres; limited parking/shade; primitive boat ramp; tranquil setting; Little Powder River nearby; tent and high clearance vehicle
Soda Well Picnic AreaN44 38.858,
W105 12.114
Elev. 3700′
large gravel/grass parking area; quiet; no shade; historic stone shelter w/picnic table; Weston RA close by; large RVs not recommended
Turner ReservoirN44 02.100,
W104 25.284
Elev. 4400′
Total solitude & quiet; fishing – Brown trout; fishing pier; no shade; small, level parking area; small RVs
Weston Recreation AreaN44 38.192,
W105 20.248
Elev. 3800′
ATV “heaven” w/network of trails; large parking area; no shade; Weston Reservoir w/vault a mile away; any size RV

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