Tells you what is available at the end of each exit whether it is a gas station, restaurant, lodging, etc. FREE or .99 for full version

Allows you and your family to keep tabs on each other while apart. With permission from friends or family members, this app lets you see their location on a map on a cell phone.

Keep track of your Vacation Budget while on the go. Mint will automatically organize your spending into categories and upload your spending immediately. Go beyond the app and login to to [...]

Hotel Tonight-

If you are a last minute traveling family then the app Hotel Tonight will be your saving grace. This app offers last minute steep discounts to luxe and hip hotels for same day stay.

What’s App

Is a mobile messaging app, which allows you to send/receive messages without paying for SMS. Great for staying connected with friends in the U.S. and Abroad! It’s free for a year!


A Travel Itinerary Organizer. “Plan your family vacation online with TripIt for free. Organize all of your family vacation details in one place, and easily share your plans with other family [...]