Betsy & Kristin Betsy and Kristin are Co-Founders of The Little Style File, a lifestyle site that features the real style of children and moms, provides personal shopping and styling services, and highlights the latest trends for families. Betsy was a working mom in Chicago for the past five years until recently. She is now a stay-at-home mom to her son and daughter (ages 2 and 5). She started a blog, Coolkids, in early 2010 as a creative outlet to share her finds with other moms. Kristin recently ‘retired’ as an event planner in Chicago, and became a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters. She then created a parenting blog “Ellie-Town” as a place to record the adventures of her girls and share the ups and downs of parenthood. Betsy and Kristin started The Little Style File just over a year ago and have been helping families ever since!

tlsf-header-1_smBetsy’s Top 3 Family-Friendly Chicago Destinations

Kristin’s Top 3 Family-Friendly Chicago Destinations

atlsfkids_smBetsy’s Family Travel Tip Purchase disposable cameras for each of your kids. Give the cameras to your kids prior to leaving on your trip. Have your kids take pictures from beginning to the end. When you get home, take the cameras to get developed. It will be fun to look at your vacation through your kids eyes! As a family you can work together creating a vacation memory book with all of the photos they took! Kristin’s Family Travel Tip Don’t Turn Down Help. Traveling with kids can be a “challenge”. If someone offers help, it may be natural to say no thanks. But whether it’s an offer from a stranger to put your luggage in the overhead bin or a a ride to/from the airport from your 90 year old grandparents, resist the urge to say “oh that’s ok, we’re fine,” and instead smile and say “that would be great, thank you!”. 


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