MJ Tam is a busy mom of 3 and the Editor of the site for the “movers, shakers and baby makers” and also runs The Chicago Moms, a collaborative blog written by some of the top social media influencers in Chicago. MJ is also one of the Co-hosts of the first live stream talk show in Chicago called Chicagonista LIVE! If that’s not enough to keep her busy, she also runs SocialRevUp, a network of bloggers nationwide and host the annual Brands & Bloggers Summit.

MJ’s Family Travel Tips

  • Bring Ziplock bags. Can be used as barf bags, trash bags, for soiled clothings, etc.
  • Wear a scarf on the plane. My kids refuse to put on extra sweaters or sweatshirts and instead of carrying the extras, I wear a scarf around my neck when hopping on the plane and it always ends up as their blanket.
  • Bring blank white papers and crayons.My kids seem to enjoy creating something original more than following the lines in coloring books or workbooks.


MJ’s Top 3 Family-Friendly Chicago Destinations

  • Ping Tom Park in Chinatown – Although trains and boats go through it, a lot of Chicagoans still have a hard time figuring out where and how to get to this picturesque spot. The Amazing Race show used this location for their contestants to find and even the cab driver did not know where it is. Ping Tom Park is nestled inside the Chinatown Square’s residential area beside the Chicago River overlooking the Willis Tower. When you do get there, you will instantly feel transported to the Eastern part of the world. My kids and I spend a lot of time in this park. There’s a beautiful playground and a vast space to run/hike or ride your bike.
  • Sweet-Station_smSweet Station in Chinatown – One of our favorite family restaurants to eat at is Sweet Station in Chinatown. This Hog Kong style restaurant is a big hit for my kids. I love it too because the noodle bowls are inexpensive and in good sized portions. The food served are pretty authentic too. This restaurant is located in Chinatown Square and folks can also check out their Chinese Zodiac signs carved in stone. Lots of restaurants and stores to check on in the Chinatown Square.

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