Natasha Nicholes is a native Chicagoan and LOVES nothing more than to load up the car with her husband and children and go wherever the road takes her. Seriously, she lives for this stuff. Even being the mother of a tween, a toddler and twins. She is the owner and chief blogger at Houseful Of Nicholes and can most often be found there keeping track of her busy yet somehow very “normal” life.

On days where she’s not blogging away, she volunteers as the Box Tops coordinator for her son’s (known as the Cellist) school. She has also been given the responsibility of coordinating all fundraising ventures that the school takes on. It’s sometimes a little high profile for her tastes, but it’s rewarding. And to boot, she homeschools her three year old daughter (the ladybug) and because of this, she’s discovering even more of her awesome city to visit. Between the parks, library programs, and parent groups that are offered, every socialization aspect of homeschooling has been covered. The twins (the twizzlers) have also opened her eyes to the love that the city has for multiples – who would have thought that there was an entire CIRCUIT of things to do for families with multiples?! Mr. Houseful – the head Nicholes in charge – often falls prey to her traveling shenanigans, but overall, he loves it. Just ask him! Natasha’s Top 3 Family-Friendly Chicago Destinations

Natasha’s Family Travel Tip She has fond memories of the road trip that she took while seven months pregnant with the twizzlers to New Orleans, LA. While it was the last road trip taken as a family of four, it was definitely one for the books. The food was fantastic, and the research that Mr. Houseful and she did in order to find activities that were suitable for the children was priceless. There is indeed LOTS for children to do in New Orleans, just as long as it is NOT on Bourbon Street after 4 pm. Road trips often times create those memories that will have you laughing or cringing for years to come. The fact still remains that they are created, and they are awesome. You can find Natasha on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

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