Chicago is a city full of never-ending wonder. From the deepest part of the South Side to the border of Evanston, Chicago is beautiful. Surrounded by lakes and rivers, CHICAGO is a novice photographer’s dream and the neophyte’s greatest experiment.

I am Dwana De La Cerna and I was born and raised on the city’s South Side. YES, THAT makes me a White Sox fan! Raising 2 sons, 18 and 16, has been my life’s joy. Additionally, I am Partner with and Editor of

Being a lifer, I have lived from South Shore to Andersonville, and from Wrigley to Pilsen where I now reside. While my favorite parts of the this great city vary with each passing year, I must say that my downtown love affair continues to awe and inspire me.


Dwana’s Family Travel Tip

In Chicago, my best family travel tip is travel on foot as much as possible. There are nooks and crannies to be uncovered that will stop you in your tracks. There is history, food, and landmarking that is like no other place in the world!

Dwana’s Family-Friendly Chicago Destination Recommendation

  • My favorite place in the world is Navy Pier. It had this distinction in my heart and soul way back when it was literally an old war ship docking pier full of metal and eerieness. Now it is the most fantastical place to wander on any Chicago day. Even on Chicago’s most dank and windy-ess, Navy Pier is a picture-perfect destination. There are shops, miles of lake views and food pits. There are rides and fun things to do. Shows, yes! From IMax to Shakespeare, Navy Pier can handle a day or two of occupying your time.
  • Two is U.S Cellular Park. Home of the “Good Guys”, the 2005 World Champion White Sox! It is nestled in a quiet neighborhood called Bridgeport that is filled with family-friendly restaurants and is accessible by Red Line, Green Line or the Metra trains. The White Sox fans are completely family friendly. A hot day at the park will find you in the stalls for spraying under cool showers, shopping, incredible ethnic fare and of course, BASEBALL!
  • Third is a not so known treasure. It is the lakefront near the museum campuses and it is amazing. Getting “lost” by walking from the “LEGS” sculptures aka as Agora Statues under the walkways, and then wondering to the Adler Planetarium leads you to an awesome edge of the lake that I liken to heaven.

Where-ever you end up in Chicago, you are certain to be witnessing some portion of the past. Inhale and remember the rugged pioneers, and the savvy natives who staked their claim, lost their lives and envisioned glory! Your breath will be taken a way more than once!

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