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Walt Disney World eat Archives - Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

Dining at Disney…should you buy a plan?

When you’re vacationing at Walt Disney World, you have seemingly endless options for food, beverages and dining themes. Choosing what and where to eat can be the hardest part of your trip, especially when you’re trying to please family members with different tastes.
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Character Dining at Disney: Worth it?

Finding the right meal options at Disney parks Character meals at Disney World can be expensive, and people ask me all the time if the experience is worth the money. I say yes! But knowing how the process works and what you get out of a character meal will help you decide for yourself. First,
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There’s no crying at Disney! Save the day with food from home

Does Disney allow guests to bring their own snacks through the gate? You bet! This can be especially helpful to know if you are traveling with little children or picky eaters, or if you are on a budget. So don’t hesitate to pack a bag of fruit snacks, PB and J, crackers, juice pouches and
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