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Wyoming learn Archives - Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

Ames Monument

Ames Monument OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET The Ames Monument was created by the Union Pacific Railroad Company to honor the Ames brothers, Oakes and Oliver.  The monument was intended to be seen by all of the railroad passengers travelling out west, marking the Ames important contribution to railroad and U.S. history.  Oakes, however, was
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Laramie, WY has a Legend!

Legend of Laramie Tour OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Located just west of Cheyenne, the town of Laramie, Wyoming was settled in the mid 19th century along the Union Pacific Railroad.  The railroad had an enormous influence on the area and we were able to learn more from Mrs. Nash, a costumed interpretive guide who
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Wyoming – Where History Was Made

Territorial Prison OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET While we were in Laramie, we took a detour from our planned itinerary and checked out the Territorial Prison.  It was the best example of WHY you should break off your planned schedule when on vacation and just go for it!  The prison was incredibly interesting and we
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