Looking for a fun family travel game to play in the car?  We took the cards from our Taboo game with us on our latest family vacation and it kept us busy for about half an hour each time we played!

The “car version” of the game is pretty simple: we don’t keep track of scores. You just put your thinking cap on and start playing. The object of the game is to get the other players to guess the top word on the card, but you cannot use any of the descriptive words that fall below the line (see picture below). Have a volunteer to be the clue giver (I usually start it off, because it’s my favorite!). Set the timer on a smartphone to 1 minute, and find a volunteer to watch the time. He or she also needs to look over the shoulder of the clue giver as they play, and if he says any of the words under the line, he gets “buzzed”, and must pass on to a new card.The clue giver’s goal is to get through as many cards as possible, and have as few “buzzes” as possible. You may use complete sentences. You can even sing! We found that the people who had the most success were able to get around the “taboo” words by bringing up inside jokes and family anecdotes involving the main word. It’s fun to watch each other get creative as they try to get through all those words.

I’ll share my clue that solicited the correct answer for the card pictured above: “When I go out with my friends, we call it ‘Mom’s Night _______.”  They all shouted, “Out!” One point for mom! Some of the clues are pretty funny and stir up a lot of great memories. After a few rounds, stories start getting told, and the game gets dropped until we get bored again later! Just think- the next time you play, you can use all the clues from your last family vacation! Game on!

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