Waiting in line on a family vacation happens more often than we think. Whether it’s for a ride at a theme park or a bus in the city, we all need kids activities to pass the time! I have five go-to games for kids that we play while waiting in line. Hope they help!

1. Secret Message. Use your child’s back to write a secret message to him. Have your child turn with his back toward you.  With your finger, write a word on his back. Depending on the age of the child, you can write a letter, a word or a phrase. Have the child guess the message. The kids can also do this with each other and with you. My kids love this game and can play it for quite some time!
2. The Name Game. The name game is great for older kids. Start by naming someone famous such as Justin Bieber. The next person has to name someone whose first name begins with the first letter of the aforementioned person’s last name, such as Brett Favre. The next name could be Franklin Delano Roosevelt. You can also name family members and neighbors as long as everyone knows the people named. line1_sm

3. Would You Rather? Ask each other questions about what they would rather do. For example, would you rather go bungee jumping off a bridge or dive into a freezing cold lake for a polar bear swim? Find out why the other person would make the choice that they did.
4. Guess That Movie. Take turns saying lines from movies and having the others guess what movie you are quoting. It’s a twist on name that tune, another good game.
5. I-Spy (with a twist). Think of something that is in a specific room in your house, say Grandpa’s picture in the living room. (It is much more fair to choose something that is always in the same spot.) Everyone take turns guessing what the item is until you hit the jackpot!


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