Travelling with kids can be challenging, especially when it comes to their sleeping routines. Unless your children feel familiar with their sleeping environment and do not feel excessively tired after travelling to various places, it can be difficult to adjust their sleeping routine. But don’t worry, this article will provide you with a few tips and skills on how to maintain your child’s sleeping routine when you’re away from home, by focusing on how to keep things comfortable and familiar.

Don’t Forget the Little Extras One of the most important things for a parent to complete before embarking on a journey would be to pack a few important sleeping items. This obviously doesn’t mean the cot or the mattress, just the simple items which will offer your child a little comfort in their new surroundings. A cot blanket, pillowcase, or favorite teddy bear, will remind them of their usual sleeping environment, helping them to nod off to sleep in no time.

Bringing Home Away With You When it is time to go to sleep, it would be a good idea to take them though their usual sleeping routine as much as possible.  If your child is used to taking a bath, brushing their teeth and then going to bed for instance, it would be helpful to mimic this same routine away from home when it is time to go to sleep.

Preparing for Jet Lag If you’re expecting to travel across different time zones, it might be useful to prepare your child beforehand. Depending on the length and the nature of the travel, it would be useful to bring forward, or push back your child’s sleeping time little by little over a few days. This will allow them to fall asleep at an acceptable time when they arrive. Many children can pick up bad habits when they are away from home, especially when they’re tired or bored. Don’t worry, it is extremely likely that these habits will ware off quickly when you return home to your usual environment.alexandra_sm

This blog was written by Alexandra, an avid globe trotter who loves to offer advice on all aspects of family travel. If you’re planning on jetting off with the little ones anytime soon, check out the fantastic, safe Stansted Airport Parking at an unbeatable price!

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