Color coding keeps the family organized, accountable, and easier to locate on a family vacation. If we’re taking a family road trip, we often bring our own colored towels and cups (sometimes the ones provided aren’t so clean). After assigning a color to each member of the family, we are able to know who’s towel is lying on the floor and who’s already used three cups in the last hour! Of course this doesn’t apply to all family vacations, especially those where you’re flying!color-matching_sm

For nearly all family vacations, it’s always a good idea to color coordinate family outfits. We often travel with my sister and her family as well as our parents and I make everyone buy into the color matching each day. It not only helps us find one another quickly in the crowds, but it’s easy for the kids to remember what mommy (and everyone else!) are wearing that day. The brighter the colors, the better!


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