lunch boxDoes Disney allow guests to bring their own snacks through the gate? You bet! This can be especially helpful to know if you are traveling with little children or picky eaters, or if you are on a budget. So don’t hesitate to pack a bag of fruit snacks, PB and J, crackers, juice pouches and more. Disney does not allow the restaurants to heat food for guests, so make sure everything is ready to eat. Also, remember that glass containers are not permitted through the gates, except for baby food (but even baby food comes in plastic now). No alcohol is allowed to be brought inside. And refrigeration is not available.

The guidelines are simple, so if you are worried that buying snacks or lunch will put a big dent in your vacation budget, consider bringing some simple food from home or making a trip to the store once you arrive in Orlando. It could end up saving you quite a bit of money.

If allergies are the reason you want to bring your own food, then I have good news for you! Most Disney property restaurants will make special accommodations. If you specify the allergy, intolerance or kosher needs on your booking early on, Disney arranges for that information to be part of any dining reservations you make. At the time of the meal, a chef can come out and speak to you, make suggestions from the menu or offer to prepare something fresh. This is available in select quick-service locations as well.



Another way to save some money is to bring your water bottles to the parks with you. Quick-service locations will give you water refills for free. There also are many water fountains around the parks, and they usually have cold water. This will truly help you stay comfortable in the heat and sun while enjoying your magical vacation.


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