It’s August, and camping season is amidst us. What’s that? The kids are less-than-excited?  You are less than excited? You have no idea what you’re missing. Somewhere along the way, camping seems to have gotten a bad rap, and I blame Clark Griswold. But I promise you that, mosquitos-be-darned, there’s super great fun to be had in packing the car up to the brim with the fam’ and heading out to the middle of nowhere for a weekend of… nothing! So here is why I love to go camping with my family…

  • It’s inexpensive, and it’s close. Most state parks offer spots that can be reserved for around $25 per night for tent camping, and they can typically be accessed with just a few hours of driving. Isn’t it a relief to find some fun without breaking the bank for once? I have to admit, however, that I am more of a “glamper” otherwise known as glamour camping! Though I have done the tent thing before when I was a Campfire Girl, I do prefer a real bed in a cabin. For just a little more money, I usually splurge for the cabin and take the rough out of roughing it! KOA and Go Camping America are a good references for all different kinds of camping arrangements.
  • Your pace is changed. This is how we do it: we leave our phones and devices in the car, and we step out into the beautiful nature to look, listen, and reflect. It doesn’t take long to readjust, and before we know it, we feel exhilarated to be able to walk around lazily, collecting wood for the fire, bird watching, and enjoying the fresh air. It’s so relaxing!


  • It’s authentic. That word gets tossed around a lot, but spending time with the family, in the outdoors, with nothing else around, really does give us a chance for some high quality family time. We spend the day going for walks and reading books. We visit waterfalls, look over cliffs, and chase squirrels down the path. We get bored together and make up silly games to pass the time. At the end of the day, we sit in a circle around the fire and tell stories. It’s like an ultimate reset button for all the stress that tends to build up throughout the year.

But do you know what’s the absolute best part about camping….? Making S’mores, of course!

Happy trails, everyone!

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