Summer weather in Wisconsin is generally warm and comfortable (average around 80 degrees), but you have to be prepared…it is camping after all!  You can’t necessarily run home easily, though stores aren’t that far away if you really need to get something you can’t live without.  As for clothing, pack for warm and cool weather conditions (this applies to pajamas too!) as well as gear for rainy days.  Sneakers and flip flops should cover you for most activities, but if you like hiking in the morning or are planning a trip to the golf course for 18 holes, plan accordingly.

Like any family vacation, you will need to pack toiletries and depending on which cabin you are in, you may need to bring linens, blankets and sleeping bags.  I always bring a variety of bags with me on every vacation we take.  I bring an assortment of sizes for everything from dirty laundry to muddy shoes to craft projects.

One of the best parts about Family Camp Brosius is that you can plan on having a lot of fun in the water!  A couple of swimsuits will come in handy since there are so many water activities available.  Goggles and water toys are fun additions, but if you don’t have room in the car for everything, don’t worry.  You will find all kinds of paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, boats and of course life jackets which are required if you want to use the equipment on the lake.  Don’t forget a beach towel or two and swim shoes are nice for the parts of the lake where the bottom is rocky.  Sunscreen is a must and a pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes.

You may want to bring a cooler filled with water, drinks and snacks for times the dining hall is not available.  A couple of flashlights and batteries, bug spray (we needed a few cans for the whole family during the course of the week) and an extra fan was useful in addition to the one that was provided in the cabin.  We didn’t need an extension cord, but it never hurts to have an extra one handy in the car just in case.  Oh, and don’t forget an alarm clock and chargers for phones.

Last, but certainly not least, are the miscellaneous items that really make the week extra fun!  Sports equipment such as tennis rackets, fishing poles (you’ll need a fishing license!), baseball equipment, and even bikes will probably get used at some point if you bring them.  If you plan to be in the talent show, bring instruments, sheet music, costumes or props to prepare for your act.  And don’t forget to plan for the theme night!  Each year counselors select the theme and will notify guests ahead of time via email so they can prepare accordingly.  Past themes have included a safari, tiki and even a sock hop!  However, the most important item to bring with you is a camera to capture all of the memories you make during the week.

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